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  • Inspiring artists, amplifying communities.

    “Because helping communities, people and youth is a moral obligation we’ve never taken lightly, we here at the Riot Fest Foundation stand firm that we can create change.”

    We are music industry professionals and community leaders dedicated to better equipping our communities to sustain the presence of music, art and education, and to supporting charitable causes and civic endeavors that effect positive change in our neighborhoods.

Our Mission

“The Riot Fest Foundation’s mission is to rally artists and fans to awaken passions, amplify dreams, and enhance under-served communities by fostering creative development, supporting charitable organizations, and through civic endeavors.”


Youth & Education

We invest in future generations by funding scholarships for under-served youth from low-income areas, and by providing opportunities to expose young minds to the world beyond their neighborhoods.


Community Grants

We enhance our neighborhoods by supporting nonprofits and programs that address community revitalization and development needs.


Arts & Culture

Many under-served communities, such as Humboldt Park, often lack the resources and funding necessary to keep the arts alive. We support initiatives that amplify communities through the presence of music, art and culture.


What is The Riot Fest Foundation

Formed by the people who bring you your favorite punk rock music festival every year, The Riot Fest Foundation will be a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Chicago, IL. In our first year, our efforts will be largely focused to our permanent home in the Humboldt Park locale, with the intention of eventually expanding to other regions. The RFF’s application for exempt status with the IRS is pending and expects to have 501(c)(3) status by summer of 2015.

Target $500000 Raised $6300 Start $0.00

What We Do

The Riot Fest Foundation inspires artists and amplifies communities by providing grants to charitable organizations, investing in youth development and education, and by cultivating music resources and expertise to help execute programs and events in schools, parks and communities.

Riot Fest Foundation Causes

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Neighborhood Revitalization

Many communities in which Riot Fest Corporation operates lack the resources necessary to investing in the vibrant neighborhoods we know are possib ...

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Nonprofit Alliance

Each year, Riot Fest music festival in conjunction with The Riot Fest Foundation invites local community nonprofits to raise funds and awareness at Ri ...

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Karma Cash

“We all gained a greater appreciation for how lucky we are, as well as a sensitivity towards those less fortunate. I can’t thank you enough fo ...

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R.I.O.T. for Education

The R.I.O.T. (Righteous Individuals of Tomorrow) initiative provides scholarship funds to other 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations seeking to further ...

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Riot Fest Foundation Events

Riot Fest Foundation

We rally musicians and fans to awaken passions, amplify dreams, and enhance underserved communities by fostering creative development, supporting charitable organizations and through civic endeavors.


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